Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grace, Beauty, Perfection....Zenyatta

Some of us have a special place in our hearts for horses.
There is something about the grace and power of a horse running down a track , at full speed, that captivates us and perhaps touches us in a primal part of our being.
This Saturday, at 6:45 CST,on the track at Churchill Downs, the Breeders Cup will host the Classic Championship.
Zenyatta, perhaps the greatest horse to ever race, will race for her last time. Undefeated, I'm sure that she won't disappoint her fans as this mare "beats the boys. She always starts a race from last and then effortlessly pours in on and always overtakes the entire field in speclacular fashon. She is a joy and a thrill to watch.

If you've never seen this horse and you too will feel the thrill, see the magnificence, and like me get a lump in your throat as you witness one of most spectacular creatures God has graced this earth with.

Sail on girl.

For a preview and history of this horse click on the clink below:


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