Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Gospel according to Doc

God was bored!!
Dark as hell, nothing to see, no sounds, no nothing.
He decided to create the one instant(and a rather Big Bang) it was there before him. Galaxys, solar systems, stars with planets. Looked cool, but still something was needed.
DRAMA!!! The universe needed drama.
So he created a few actors and placed them on the planet earth, where in no time...he had drama. And lots of it.  To make things interesting he made the whole thing run on auto-pilot so that it changed and evolved  and every time he looked at his creation it had changed...he liked this, always interesting. Then he wanted some intellectual qualities to these creatures, so he juiced the game and created human beings. NOW he really had drama.
He wanted them to know that he was the responsible party, that this was HIS production and that they should recognize him for creating them.
Evidently, God has a little ego issue.
They kept praying to the damn Sun or talking to the water and trees, thinking that they were the "all powerful" creators of this paradise. Didn't take him long to let them know that he and he alone was the guy that created this whole menagerie. Several times he spoke to some of these humans and let them in on his secret...told them to spread the word and they did. Took them awhile, but soon there was a bunch of them that believed the story and guys like Abraham and later Moses would lead these people and spread his story.
One day God looked over the situation and got pissed. People were worshiping idols, making offerings of his creatures to stone and human created statues, they were recognizing everything but him.
He called Moses up to a mountain and laid down the law.
Ten simple rules to live by.
Ten simple steps that wound make everyone's lives easier and of course recognize him as the one and only. Moses took these rules down to the masses and they were pleased. you tell us!!!!
Things were going well for awhile but once again....those damn humans were "going it alone" once again.
He was angry, but he was also curious. "What about these humans compels them to be so bad?" And "Why can't they follow ten simple rules?"
He decided that he needed to be one of them for awhile and figure out what happened. He needed to live among them and be one of them for awhile to understand what motivated them.
He was born in Bethlehem.
Good look'n kid. Smart too. Everyone knew that this guy was special.
He got to know what these bodies were all about. The damn things hurt from time to time and damn!!! once his reached puberty, all kinds of weird things started happening. Hormones raged through his body, making him have all kinds of interesting thoughts. He experienced anger, love, jealousy, and  pride in creating things from trees and stone . He tasted the sweetness of an apple or two, felt the exhilaration of winning a race, and the pain of a bruised ankle.   And wine, WOW!!! That was nice!!
He finally came to the conclusion that humans were doomed to sin. It was in us, part of the DNA (that he created by the way). He decided that there was no way he could demand of humans the perfection that he was.
A goal for sure, but no way would they ever achieve it.
He had asked his followers to sacrifice lambs at his alters.
He decided that HE would be the lamb and sacrifice his own body (his son) and in return grant humans forgiveness for all the nastiness they had done and were going to do.
He only asked one thing in return. One simple thing.
"That we love each other the same way he loves us".
That's all!!!
Simple. Give your fellow man a brake, help him when he falls, support him when he needs it.
Just care a little bit about the other guy instead of always putting yourself first.
WE have been trying to live up to that simple notion ever since.
Love one another.