Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Obama: does he have no shame?

As a veteran and someone that has had the honor of being part of our Special Forces, I have to add my thoughts to the recent actions of our misguided President
His recent actions confirm to me his continued disdain and disrespect for our armed forces and for the people that place themselves on the front lines.
Using the sacrifice of our Special Forces for political gain is disgusting.
Using the actions of our Seals to score political points reflects his continued disrespect for those that DO the real work in this "War in Afghanistan".
I large group of people spent years doing the work that led to Osama Bin Laden's demise. Thousands spent countless hours tracking down leads, getting resources lined up, and putting together and practicing the plan that ultimately resulted in his Bin Laden's assassination. ALL THE PRESIDENT DID WAS TO SAY "YES". That is the extent of his involvement. He said "yes".
If you listen to the political ads his campaign has launched, one would think he led a team of dedicated Seals into that compound and orchestrated operation Neptune Spear. All he did was said "YES".
And now he uses the work and sacrifice of others for political gain in suggesting that his political foe would not have done what he had done. What a crock...what audacity, what bull. Not that it required much effort , Mr President, but I think most Americans would agree that ANYONE in the Oval office would have said "yes".
This is more than YOUR politics, this is more than your myopic perspective allows(getting reelected).
The President needs to apologize for his shameful claim and apologize to the people that did the real work in bringing  Bin Laden to justice.
We currently have a President that is in full campaign mode and is NOT doing the job we elected him to do...like leading the country. Every consideration is political, every action is weighed against votes, and every speech is partisan. There is no honor in this President...it's a concept foreign to him. His recent claims are proof of that.

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