Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some thoughts on being gay......

Being gay is more than all the stereotypical notions that have been applied to us.... Being gay means to be on the forefront of a struggle for equality that has gone on for centuries. 
We follow the plight of the common man, women, workers, blacks and latino minorities, and the disabled.  
Now it’s our turn to be at the vanguard, It's our turn to demand the basic human rights that so many of our brothers and sisters have fought for. 
It’s our job to stand proudly on the front lines of a battlefield where we can make a difference in our own liberties and for the freedoms of millions to follow. 
It’s OUR turn, 
it’s OUR job, 
it’s OUR responsibility to change a world where we can all be proud.

Be strong, be involved, be Proud.