Sunday, August 4, 2013

Second Pride: Who I am voting for and Why

After two years of helping to bring Pride to a much better place from where I found it, my only hope is that we elect INDEPENDENT  and thoughtful people to the 2014 Board.  With that in mind I am sharing with you my choices.
I'm certain that everyone will not agree with my choices, but I hope you will consider these people...they deserve your support.

neither of the candidates excites me, both did things during the campaign that are questionable at best. But DAMIAN is not running on a ticket and I think the rest of the board will be able to control him or at least
help him assume his responsibilities.  He comes to the Board as one vote among nine.
Dex is coming to the Board with an agenda, much of which will be agreed upon before the Board ever meets. If he and his "team" are elected they will  in effect neutralize the rest of the board and narrow the future of Pride to their vision.  I'm voting for DAMIAN.

Secretary Co-Chair:
ANDREA LONG ...she is independent, thoughtful, and would be a strong independent voice on the Board and be a needed advocate for the lesbian community.

SquirtN Wonder
SquirtN did his job last year in a competent, responsible and thoughtful manner he deserves your vote of confidence and your trust as Treasurer.

Events Director:
This is a hard one. Mz Marville is earnest and passionate  but lacks the experience in the Club and DJ community that Hotboy has.  She was also asked to run by Dex and her independence is questionable. I guess experience trumps passion. I'm going with HOTBOY.

Community Relations Director:
Garret is one of the people that Dex asked to run, and I fear that his independence  is in question.
Josuadrew and Karl both seem to me would be great members of the Board. Both are independent, and thoughtful and either one of them would be a great choice. On the basis of their answers in the forums, Karl nudges Joshie by a hair. I'm going with KARL..

Building Director
Mr Gracemount
Mr G delivered the best build that Pride has ever experienced. He deserves your vote of confidence.

Security Director :
Gaius Tripsa
liked his answers in the forums and deserves your vote of confidence

Marketing Director:
Tylo Mabellon
Tylo did a stellar job this past year and deserves your vote of confidence.  He also brings an independent an thoughtful voice to the board.

Communications/IT Director:

jaggernaughton resident
By his own admission, Jagger is not all that experienced, but his enthusiasm and passion for Pride show that he deserves your vote. He also has stated that he might need help. Let him know you are willing to help him in this most important of Second Pride Board positions.