Second Life...Who you are, who you used to be, and who you,ve always wanted to be...all rolled into one"

If you haven't figured it out.... Doc Spad exists in the virtual world of Second Life.
Although I share a great deal about the "real" me here.... MY thoughts, MY concerns, MY ideas..... Doc exists as an idealized version of myself.
The experiences I share here are from my real life, but are seen through the lens of my virtual self, which allows me to share from a different viewpoint and a perspective that few people in my real life will ever see.
Second Life allows one to explore areas of ones life where he/she might not be able or feel totally comfortable  experiencing in the real world. It's a place where alter egos aspire to exist and where one is free to "become" whoever and whatever they desire. Alternate lifestyles, closeted yearnings, our darkest demons, and our most creative nature are allowed to "come out of the closet" and exist. It's where one can do new things, take the alternate folk in the road and be free from the restrictions that real life piles on us each day. If you've never experienced Second Life, I encourage you to join the community and let your inner self exist.